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6 Tips For Increasing Fertility

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If you and your mate are trying to conceive, there are ways to increase the possibility of doing so. If you have tried in the past to become pregnant and not had any luck, you should consider some tips to help increase your fertility. Knowing specific ways to aid in getting pregnant faster may help you accomplish your goal.

Tip #1: Maintain an ideal weight

For the female, it is important to avoid being underweight or overweight when attempting pregnancy. Being the ideal weight will increase your chances of being able to conceive with greater success.

Tip #2:  Watch your beverages

Indulging in too many heavily-caffeinated drinks or alcoholic beverages could diminish your chances of getting pregnant. Consider drinking more water or switching to de-caffeinated drinks when you are attempting to get pregnant and simply forego the alcohol completely to aid in being capable of conceiving at a faster rate.

Tip #3: Avoid smoking

If you are a smoker and wish to have a baby, you should consider quitting. Smoking decreases the possibility of conception and should be eliminated entirely when you do conceive. The risks to the baby when the mother smokes includes premature birth and many other unwanted medical conditions.

Tip #4: Have sex often

Some people are under the impression  that waiting to have sex over a specific amount of time may increase your chances. However, there is no truth to this fact, and any couple should consider having sex as frequently as possible to increase the possibility of getting pregnant.

Tip #5: Use the fertility window

There are certain times during the month when it is more likely for a woman to get pregnant. This time is two to three days before ovulation. You should keep a diary of your menstruation cycles to help you determine when you ovulate each month.

Tip #6: Be careful with lubricants

When you are having sex more frequently, you may need to rely on lubricants more often. It's ideal to rely on more all natural products when possible, such as canola oil for example.

Some of the most popular water-based lubricants on the market can decrease fertility and should be avoided when you are working to conceive.

Finally, getting pregnant is possible by following a few tips. Be sure to schedule an appointment with an obstetrician (such as Darin L Weyhrich)  if you think you could be with child to get a definite medical answer quickly.