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Pain Relief During Pregnancy: 3 Medication Free Options You Should Consider

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During pregnancy, it is extremely important for you to be careful about what types of medications you take. This is because many prescription and over-the-counter medications can have serious side effects, such as the development of birth defects in your unborn child. Unfortunately, this can make dealing with the aches and pains that often accompany pregnancy a bit difficult. Thankfully, there are a few pain relief options that are highly effective despite the fact that they do not make use of pain medications. Below you will learn more about three of these options.


Physiotherapy, or physical therapy as it is commonly called, relies on targeted exercises and stretches to help relieve and manage pain. This approach is especially beneficial during pregnancy, since the weight of carrying your unborn child can easily put additional stress on your muscular and skeletal systems.

Through the use of targeted exercises, you will be able to increase strength and therefore relieve pain from overworked muscles. The use of targeted stretches will also allow you to improve flexibility. This will not only assist in the management of pain, but it can also help you to prepare for a successful delivery.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care works using a combination of spinal manipulations and targeted exercises to relieve pressure on your joints, as well as pain causing inflammation surrounding the nerves in your neck and back.

As your body changes to accommodate the size of your growing baby, it is quite common for you to experience a misalignment of the spine or pelvis. This misalignment can result in serious pain. Through the use of carefully performed spinal manipulations, your chiropractor will be able to restore balance to your skeletal system and ultimately provide you with pain relief without the use of medications.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy works by relieving the pain caused by overworked and tense muscles. This type of therapy is extremely helpful for pregnant women, as their muscles are required to support the additional weight of their child.

While massage therapy is capable of providing extraordinary pain relieving results, these results may be short lived. Consequently, many pregnant women will find that this option works best when combined with one of the other options discussed above.

In Conclusion

The many changes your body undergoes during pregnancy can easily result in a variety of aches and pains. Thankfully, it is possible to manage or even eliminate this pain without the use of medication. For more information on pain relief during pregnancy, or to further discuss one of the options outlined above, be sure to consult your obstetrician. If you're looking for a reputable chiropractor in your area, visit Vanderloo Chiropractic.