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3 Tips To Finding True Healing From Your Addiction

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Overcoming an addiction is very hard. Some people find it near impossible to rise above the slavery that they feel to their addiction. The good news is that there is hope and there can be healing. Many people have success in freeing themselves from addiction, but it takes hard work, desire and dedication. Here are a couple things that are essential to overcoming an addiction.

1. You are Responsible For Your Addiction and Your Recovery

It can be very tempting to blame others for your addiction and your relapses. Perhaps you had a hard life, so you chose to cope with your challenges through your addiction. Although there will always be people and circumstances that will be hard in your life, it is important that you own your actions. You chose your actions; no one forced you into your addiction.

Once you are able to own your addiction, then you can take responsibility for your recovery. Your recovery should never be contingent on someone else. Don't fall into the trap of thinking, "if my spouse was kinder, I wouldn't need to act out" or "my friend made me do it because they brought alcohol into the house." Although your friends and family can help you on your path to recovery, they are never responsible for your healing.

2. Personify The Addiction, It is Not Part Of Your Identity

For many people it is helpful to see their addiction as a separate part of themselves and not who they are. In your mind you need to separate the addict from your true identity. If you can see your addiction as an intruder on your life, someone or something that doesn't belong, it will be easier to rid yourself of it. Too many addicts feel that their identity it their addiction. It can be hard to truly heal from an addiction if you feel that it is an integral part of your identity.

3. You Are Always In Recovery

Even though there is hope, and many people find healing and relief from their addiction, this does not mean that it will not be a temptation throughout their life. It is vital that you consider yourself constantly in recovery. You must work everyday, even when you have been doing very well, to abstain from your drug of choice. It is only through vigilant work and constant care that you can stay sober.

By doing these things you can start on a path of real healing and recovery. For more information, go to