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Preventative Medicine And Your Chiropractor

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Most people think about their chiropractor only when they have injured themselves. A strained back or neck means a quick call to the doctor. But certain lifestyle changes can benefit from a visit to the chiropractor. They can evaluate your current physical condition and recommend how to deal with upcoming changes. Here are a few reasons you'll want to make an appointment with your doctor to make sure you're ready for the changes in your life.

Job Change

Suppose you've recently decided to change jobs and do something entirely different. You have spent many years at a desk job and are going to try working in a warehouse or as a nurse's aid. Each of these jobs will put stress on your body since they require long hours on your feet, lifting heavy loads, and using your body in different ways. A visit with your doctor will help your prepare your body for the new stresses on it.

Your chiropractor will evaluate your neck and spine for any degeneration or alignment problems. A simple adjustment of the spine can shift the forces on it when you bend, turn and lift. They can recommend exercises to build up the muscles in your back to better face the new work. They can also suggest braces and supports that are useful when you get tired toward the end of your shift, or when there are many repetitive tasks, such as stocking shelves.

Stepping Up Sports Activities

Suppose you've enjoyed playing soccer in your spare time with friends, but now you're ready to join a local league and step up your game. A visit to a chiropractor who specializes in sports medicine will help you get your body prepared. As with a job change, your body will have to deal with new stresses to perform at its best.

The doctor can evaluate your neck, back and hips for alignment and muscle tone. They can recommend exercises to strengthen your back and keep you flexible. They'll also give you warm-up tips to get the muscles ready for action. Many sports injuries occur because of overuse of muscles that weren't adequately warmed up. Your doctor will help you be prepared for this new level of activity.

Preparing Your Body for Changes

Making lifestyle changes that physically impact your body go more smoothly if you're prepared. If not, then the new job or sports league can cause serious injuries that require a long recovery. Talk with your doctor about how the changes will affect your body, and find out how a chiropractor like All American Chiropractic Center can help. This way, you'll be physically and mentally ready for the new challenges ahead.