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3 Services Your Funeral Home Should Offer

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As a funeral director you may find yourself constantly trying to stay up to date on the latest in funeral services. You want to be prepared and ready for the many things that families can request during the funeral planning process. There are a few services that are considered modern and popular, especially when people are pre-planning their funerals. If you want to ensure that your services are up to date and that you have at least one of the new services people may request, consider these three services your funeral home should offer.

Funeral Streaming Services

Funeral streaming services are an ideal option to offer to clients who may have family that can't attend a funeral. This service may be requested by families who are military, have an unexpected death, or have too many family and friends that will be unable to attend for various reasons. Funeral homes offering this service tend to offer the livestream of the funeral with an archived option for a few days to a few weeks so those wanting to view the funeral can do so on their own time.

Child Care Services

You may not think of child care too often as a funeral director, but an increasing number of funeral homes are. One of the leading reasons people state they are unable to attend a funeral is due to child care conflicts. They don't want to bring their little ones to the funeral, but finding a sitter during a weekday or on short notice is difficult. Consider offering a during service child care option where funeral attendees can drop their children off an hour before the service and pick them children up for up to an hour following the service.

Online Funeral Planning

Your funeral home may offer a storefront of some kind on its site, but offering a fully online funeral planning experience takes your funeral home to the next level. Many people simply don't have the time to take off work for a pre-planned funeral meeting. Having the ability to go online, plan the funeral, and order or make payments for their funeral plans is a huge convenience for busy families and individuals. Instead of just offering a quote, consider the entirely automated online funeral planning option.

By offering these three services you will not only attract potential customers, you will also show that you think about the family's needs and their chaotic schedules. Consider writing down certain requests and tallying how often you receive ones for services you don't offer. This can also help you expand your services menu and reach out to even more clients in the future.

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