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How To Get Your Teenager To Wear His Or Her Glasses

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The optometrist has made it clear your teen needs glasses and your teen has made it clear they will not wear them. If your teen is set against wearing glasses, it may be time to step back and come up with a strategy. If you help them pick out a pair that flatters their face and let them get used to the idea, your teen is likely to be more willing to wear their glasses.

Let Them Pick Out A Pair They Like

For teens who are going to be wearing glasses for the first time in their lives, they may have a bit of anxiety. The best way to alleviate their fears is to let them choose what glasses they want. Perhaps they want funky, brightly colored glasses or they may even want a pair that has patterns on the frames. The idea is that they pick something that makes them feel comfortable and confident.

The unfortunate truth is your teenager may see you picking their glasses as you forcing the glasses on them. This situation will make your teenager even more evasive of the idea of wearing glasses.

Guide Them To What Is Best For Them

The wrong shape of eyewear or an ill-fitting accessory can be disastrous for anyone. Encourage your round faced teen towards more square shaped glasses. For the teen with a triangular face, guide them towards cat's eye frames.

Before leaving with the new pair of glasses, have the optometrist verify the eyewear fits properly. The last thing you want is for your teenager to come home crying of embarrassment because their glasses fell over their nose while talking to their crush.

Give Them Time To Adjust

Even with an optometrist telling them they need corrective eye wear, your teen may need time to adjust to the idea. It may not seem like a big change, but it can feel like one to a teenager. It may even be acceptable to let them wear the glasses for small periods while working up to having them on all day.

Stay Positive And Don't Give Up

Always present eyewear as a positive thing. Remind them of their favorite celebrity who also wears glasses. Megan Fox, Anne Hathaway, Usher and Johnny Depp are often photographed wearing eyewear. Don't give up. Your teenager needs to see that glasses are a good thing. Your attitude will help them feel better about their new glasses.

If your teen has decided to be stubborn and refuses to wear their glasses, give them a bit of time. Let them choose what kind of eyewear they want to wear, but remember to quietly suggest the styles that compliment them the most. Maintain a positive attitude and if all else fails, they can always ask the optometrist for contacts at their next eye appointment. 

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