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4 Steps To A New And Improved, Safe And Updated Bathroom

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Maybe you need to improve the safety and accessibility of the bathroom for an aging family member that is moving in. Or maybe you want to update the look of your bathroom while also thinking ahead to the future when you may need more accessibility. Whatever the case may be, these items will not only result in safety improvements but also improve its overall appearance.

1. Install Designer Grab Bars.

When an individual loses their balance in the bathroom, they're going to throw out their hands and reach for the nearest thing. In some cases, this is the towel rack. Kids may hang off of towel racks for fun and some grab them to steady themselves as the dry themselves off. Whatever the case may be, these towel racks are not always sturdy enough to handle your weight and some of them aren't comfortable to grab onto.

So, you'll want to install these with grab bars. If you're worried about the way they'll look, then you could opt for designer grab bars that are designed to be more sophisticated in appearance while still providing security.

2. Replace the Hardware.

Small handles and knobs on cabinet doors can be hard to grasp for older individuals. To make things easier, replace these with larger knobs and longer handles. There are some really attractive designs out on the market today that make this switch aesthetically pleasing as well. Convenience and ease-of-us are the two things to look for when searching for new hardware.

3. Add a Non-Slip Mat

While many people know that a large number of falls among the elderly occur in the bathroom, did you know that teens and young adults between the ages of 15 and 24 are the most common to suffer injuries near the shower or bathtub? Therefore, safety in the bathroom is just as important for kids as it is the older adults.

Non-slip mats and slip-resistant rugs are crucial to improving the safety of the bathroom. The tub mat and bathroom rug don't have to be ugly. There is a vast assortment of designs, colors and shapes available so that they can match your current décor and personality. Don't forget to consider non-slip tile or some form of non-slip flooring to cover the bathroom floor where the rug cannot reach. One option is a textured tile while another option would be adding a slatted wood tray over existing hard flooring, such as concrete.

4. Add More Lighting.

A beautiful and safe bathroom is not complete without plenty of lighting. As you get older, your vision will likely decrease. This means that more lighting will be necessary to see properly. You can upgrade the appearance of the bathroom by choosing designer fixtures.

You may also want to consider under-cabinet lighting that can always stay on. This will not only add a beautiful glow to the bathroom when the other lights aren't on, but it will make it easier to see where you're going in the dark. To also increase safety and add a really neat look the bathroom, you can install overhead lights in the bathtub and shower.

Making a bathroom more accessible and up-to-date isn't always something you can do on your own. Visit a professional website such as if you think you may need help with some of these upgrades.