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Tips For Losing Weight Despite Eating At Restaurants

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If you are unhappy with your body, one of those reasons might be due to your weight. This can be an uncomfortable place to be in because you might want to lose weight but you might not be sure where to start. This can be especially difficult if you eat out on a regular basis as part of your job or because you are always travelling. Here are some tips for losing weight despite eating at restaurants regularly.

1. Start Eating Less of Your Entree

When you go out to eat, immediately put away half of your food. Ask your waiter to bring you a box so that you don't eat your entire entree and are able to reduce the amount of food that you eat. Because portions in the United States at restaurants tend to be larger than what is generally recommended for a person to consume in a single sitting, half of your food will be more than enough for a meal. If you get hungry, you will have delicious leftovers later.

2. Skip the Sides

Skip the sides. If you are going to get a burger and don't want to deal with the hassle of cutting it in half, don't get fries with that meal. Ask for the calorie count of the burger. Chances are good that it will be far less. If you absolutely need to get sides, stay away from high calorie options or options that have potatoes in them. Instead, opt for steamed vegetables, such as carrots or broccoli. Many restaurants will be happy to substitute for you at no cost.

3. Try a Salad

Another option is for you to try eating a salad instead of eating a burger. However, make sure that you ask for both the cheese and the dressing on the side. This will allow you to dictate how much fat your salad has. Stick with grilled chicken rather than the lunch meat that is in a traditional chef's salad. Make sure that your salad doesn't have any bacon, which is high in calories and in fat. This will allow you to be certain that the salad that you are eating is going to be healthier for you than eating a burger or pasta.

4. Eat Off the Appetizer Menu

Finally, consider choosing one or two smaller appetizers and making them a meal, rather than eating an entire entree. At many restaurants, this will be a great way to reduce the total amount of food that you consume.

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