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Three Tips For Enjoying Music Without Sacrificing Your Hearing

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If you are a music lover, it can be hard to listen to your favorite song without cranking up the volume. However, it is essential to employ safe listening practices to preserve your hearing. Follow these simple tips to enjoy your music while protecting your ears.

1. Use Headphones Responsibly

Headphones are a great way to keep your music to yourself, but it is important to follow a few guidelines when you use them to prevent hearing loss. In general, the longer you use your headphones, the lower your volume should be.

If you have the volume set at 80 percent of your device's maximum volume, keep your session limited to 90 minutes or less. When you need to use your headphones for more than 90 minutes, you should reduce the volume. If the person standing beside of you can hear your music, this is a sign that it is too loud.

The type of headphones you use also plays a key role in responsible usage. Higher-quality headphones do a better job blocking out background noises, enabling you to comfortably keep the volume at lower levels. Isolating earbuds and over-the-ear headphones are both smart choices for keeping environmental noises muffled.

2. Watch Your Position at Music Venues

When you attend a concert, selecting the right location can help protect your ears. Make sure to keep at least 10 feet away from the speakers. If possible, stand near a location with easy access to quieter rooms. This makes it possible for you to step away and rest your ears without missing the show. Ideally, give your ears a break every hour you are at the show.

In situations where you have to stay inside the venue at all times, move around the room until you find a quieter area.

3. Wear Hearing Protection at Concerts

Many music lovers balk at the idea of wearing hearing protection to concerts because they mistakenly believe they won't be able to hear the music as well. A good solution is to use the kind of ear plugs that are commonly used by musicians. Musician's earplugs are designed to filter sound so that the overall sound level is lowered. Avoid using foam ear plugs at concerts, which only block some sound frequencies.

You don't have to sacrifice your love of music to keep your ears healthy. Instead, implement these tips to help decrease your chance of hearing loss when rocking out to your favorite song. For more information on hearing loss, check with websites like