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6 Signs You Have Found A Good Counselor

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A counseling relationship is one built on trust, and finding just the right counselor for your particular emotional needs sometimes takes diligence. There are certain qualities a good counselor has that are evident right away and serve as a signal that you are with the right person. 

Your Counselor is Professional

A counselor treads a thin line at times between trying to relate to you personally while maintaining professionalism. A quality counselor can make you feel comfortable and open without becoming too personal. They will not try to be your friend, but will maintain the boundaries of a counselor/client relationship.

Your Counselor is a Good Communicator

A good counselor always explains exactly what the goals for your therapy are and can make you understand what their role is and what is expected of you. You should be confident that you have a voice in the process and that your concerns are sufficiently addressed.

Your Counselor Answers Questions Honestly and Thoroughly

You should always feel comfortable asking questions, and should expect them to be answered to your satisfaction. A counselor should never lie to you or put you off unless there is a good reason, such as they have to do more research to give you a complete answer.

Your Counselor Is Insightful

Sometimes when you are in the midst of a crisis, you may not see simple solutions that should be obvious. A good counselor can provide insight and knowledge from their own training and experience to help you recognize possibilities.  

Your Counselor Helps You Craft a Strategy

When you are faced with a difficult situation, you may feel trapped and not be able to formulate a plan to solve the problem. Instead of just giving advice, a good counselor should work with you to formulate a strategy to get from where you are to the place you want to be. They may give you homework to keep you on track working on solutions between sessions.

You Leave Your Appointments Feeling Hopeful and Energized

You should never leave your counselor's office feeling worse than when you came in. Even if you aren't leaving with a smile on your face, you should at least have a feeling of accomplishment and feel as if you are headed in the right direction with hope for the future.

A good counselor is someone who makes you feel comfortable and boosts your self-esteem. They work with you instead of expecting you to do everything yourself. You should always leave your counseling session in a good frame of mind and hopeful for a brighter tomorrow. Contact a local professional, such as one from Living Hope Clinic, for further assistance.