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Important Tips for Buying The Right Candida Product

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If you frequently feel tired although you sleep more than enough at night or if it seems that your moods are constantly changing, you may be experiencing candida overgrowth. This often happens to people who eat a high-sugar diet or frequently use antibiotics. These conditions allow the naturally occurring yeasts already present in your body to dramatically increase in number. While you may be familiar with the issue manifesting as a vaginal yeast infection in women or oral thrush in babies, candida can also be seen in the mouth, the male genital area, and even the bloodstream. Prompt treatment is essential for treating this serious health issue, but there are several tips you should keep in mind when shopping for the appropriate treatment online.

Make Sure the Product You Buy Has No Sugar of Any Kind

It is important to note that yeast thrives on sugar. Therefore, you should remember that anything that any ingredient ending in -ose or -ol are likely to be a form of sugar. For instance, glucose is a kind of sugar associated with both plants and fruits, and fructose is a type of fruit sugar. When the two are combined, they turn into sucrose, which is the sugar you probably have in your pantry.

In addition, you should also watch for maltitol, lactitol, and similar ingredients when you read the side of the bottle. These substances, as well as many other foods ending in -ol, are sugar alcohols. They are a sweetener with half the calories of regular sugar, so they are popular. Regardless, it is best to make sure that your supplement or product does not have any form of sugar, as its presence could nullify your treatment.

Even Up the Odds by Choosing the Right Probiotic

Your medical care provider may have already suggested increasing your intake of probiotics in order to help your body fight off this illness. However, you can go one step further by choosing an appropriate probiotic. Unfortunately, you will need to take a few minutes to look at the quality of the product you are choosing and make sure that it has no less than 25 billion live organisms in each pill. 

Those probiotics are good bacteria that can be described as the soldiers of your immune system. When you have enough of them, they are better able to help your body kill off the candida or keep you healthy enough in the first place that you did not develop the problem. There are numerous types of probiotics that can be found naturally in many yogurts and fermented products. The different types serve a variety of functions, but they are likely to ultimately benefit your health.    

In conclusion, candida overgrowth is a serious problem for many people, and it is not unusual for sufferers to go undiagnosed for years. When you finally know the cause of your malaise, it is a good idea to consider the advice listed above when shopping for a product for treatment of candida online or elsewhere.