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3 Unexpected Things That Can Cause Changes In Women's Vision

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Poor vision is something that around 14 million Americans report having. Vision issues can impact nearly every facet of a person's life and can make it difficult to do everyday tasks such as reading and driving a car. For this reason it's important to get eye exams on a regular basis. Vision problems also affect women more than men, with women making up two-thirds of all people who have vision problems. Women's vision can also be impacted by a few different factors. Here are three unexpected things that can cause vision changes in women.


Pregnancy produces a lot of changes in a woman's body. Most women are prepared for things like morning sickness, swollen feet, and other physical changes. However, they may not be prepared for the vision changes that can occur during pregnancy. Some common changes include dry eyes, swollen eye lids, and blurry vision. Most of these symptoms clear up after the woman gives birth. What pregnant women should know is that some of these symptoms can indicate other health issues. Preeclampsia is a dangerous conditions that occurs in five to eight percent of all pregnancies. This condition can cause flashing lights, blurry vision, auras, and light sensitivity. Gestational diabetes is another condition that can cause changes in a pregnant woman's vision, with blurry vision being the most common symptom. 

Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills and other contraception methods are used by millions of American women. Birth control pills are the most common form of contraceptive with 16% of American women reporting using this form of contraceptive. These pills can also have side effects when it comes to a woman's vision. Dry eyes are the most common vision side effect relating to birth control. There is also evidence that taking birth control pills for an extended period of time can increase a woman's risk of glaucoma. Women who have used birth control pills for more than three years have double the chance of developing glaucoma. 

Hysterectomies And Menopause

Just like pregnancy and birth control pills, having a hysterectomy or going through menopause, or both at the same time, can lead to changes in eyesight. The reason for this is that having a hysterectomy or going through menopause both involve a drastic change in hormone levels. Dry eyes and blurry vision are common after both and can be permanent. As women age and go through these changes, it's very important that they receive regular eye exams

Vision issues are more common in women than they are in men. Women who are pregnant, on birth control, who are going through menopause, or who have just had a hysterectomy should be on alert for changes to their vision. Much of the changes to vision in women are hormone related. A visit to an eye doctor and a thorough eye exam can help with many of the symptoms.