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Treating Dental Abscess Pain At Home

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A dental abscess typically looks similar to a blister. It's an infected mass that's filled with pus and debris. Most abscesses are caused when an infection in your tooth goes untreated and spreads to your gums or another part of your mouth. Because a dental abscess is an infection, it typically needs to be drained and treated with antibiotics, which your dentist can prescribe. However, that doesn't mean that you need to live with the pain until it's completely healed. Use these home remedies to help relieve pain caused by your dental abscess.

Salt Water

Salt naturally helps relieve pain, and, as a bonus, it also helps to decrease any swelling caused by your dental abscess. Simply dissolve a little bit of salt into a small glass of warm water. Once the salt is dissolved, swish it back and forth in your mouth until you can no longer taste the salt. Then, spit it out. If the pain hasn't subsided, you can repeat the process. You can also gargle salt water several times a day, if needed.

Essential Oils

Several essential oils are naturally anti-bacterial agents so, when used to treat your abscess, they can help relieve any pain you're feeling and help to speed the healing process. Just remember, you should never drink essential oils. They are compounds that are highly concentrated so, if you ingest essential oils, you could get sick. To use essential oils to treat your dental abscess, use your finger to rub a tiny amount of the oil into the area surrounding your abscess. If you only want to relieve your pain, use peppermint oil. However, clove oil will relieve pain and help with the healing process.

Raw Garlic Oil

If you don't like the idea of rubbing essential oils into the area surrounding your dental abscess, you can use raw garlic oil instead. Raw garlic oil is a natural pain reliever. It also helps boost your immune system and kills bacteria, so it should help your infection heal faster. To treat your dental abscess using raw garlic oil, press down on a tiny piece of a garlic clove until the juice releases. Then, place the crushed piece of garlic clove in your mouth between your cheek and gums so that it sits over the abscess. Alternatively, you can crush the garlic clove completely, and rub the juice from the clove into your gums like you would essential oils.

The fact is, dental abscesses are painful and they take time to heal completely. So, if you have a dental abscess, you should make an appointment with your dentist so that you receive proper dental care. Then, use home remedies to treat the pain. For more tips, talk to a dentist like Michael C. Cordora DDS, PLLC.