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3 Tips For Having A Successful Breast Reconstruction Surgery

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When you get breast reconstruction surgery, recovering is going to be part of the process. Thankfully, if you do certain things, you can have a very successful recovery. This article is going to discuss 3 tips for recovering. 

Sleep On Your Sides

When you initially leave the hospital after your breast reconstruction, you are going to have tubes on the side of each of your breasts, where the incisions were made, to help drain fluid out of your breasts. Because of this, it is going to be in your best interest to sleep on your sides. When you fall asleep, you will start out on one side, and then when you wake, you will want to switch sides. This is going to stop your breasts from becoming too sore on one side or the other and will help with drainage. Even after you have the drains removed, sleeping on your sides is going to be much more comfortable to you than laying on your stomach. This is because much less pressure is going to be placed on your breasts when you are on your side versus when you are laying directly on your stomach. 

Massage Your Breasts

Another method that can be very helpful when it comes to recovering from breast reconstruction surgery is to massage your breasts. However, you are going to want to wait until your breasts are a bit less sore before beginning these massages. Once you have given your breasts some time to recover and become less tender, you will then start gently massaging them using lotion. These massages are going to do a great job of breaking up some of the tissue in your breasts to increase the blood flow to them. This can help them to heal more quickly and can also help to reduce the amount of swelling that you have. Doing this very gently, a couple of times a day, is going to help out a great deal with your recovery process. Just be sure that you are always very careful around your incision sites. 

Basic Upper Body Exercises

While you likely aren't going to need to go to any type of formal physical therapy, performing basic upper body exercises on your own is going to be important. These exercises are going to help you to become accustomed to your new breasts and will help you use the muscles that have been stretched out because of your implants. Doing simple exercises like walking your hands up and down the wall can use your upper body muscles in a way that is helpful without being too taxing.