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Can Hypnotherapy Help With Your Cancer Pain?

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Cancer affects millions of people around the world every year and is a severely problematic and dangerous disease. Managing the pain that this disease cause is an essential way of helping a person recover. Thankfully, methods such as hypnotherapy can help:

Cancer Pain Can Be Intense

The severity of a person's cancer pain often varies depending on the type of tumor they develop. When you do suffer from cancer pain, it can be quite severe. That's because the tumor is growing in size and pressing against delicate areas of your body. When this happens, you may develop chronic pain in various parts of the body that simply won't go away.

This type of chronic pain can cause a patient's quality of life to greatly decrease. When this occurs, they are likely to experience severe depression that makes it hard for them to recover from their disease. Sadly, this can increase their mortality rate. That's why it is crucial to find pain management techniques, such as hypnotherapy, to manage the situation.

What Is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis to help a person manage their physical pain. For example, it is often used to help people overcome the withdrawal pains associated with drug addiction. However, it has been found that those who suffer from more severe types of pain may experience significant pain reduction through the use of this therapy.

In fact, studies have shown that people who receive this type of therapy for cancer pain often feel significantly less pain. There are several reasons for this improvement. These include distracting the mind from the intensity of the pain. Another benefit is the relaxation that occurs when a person receives hypnosis. Decreasing anxiety can help a person feel significantly less pain than they would have otherwise.

Treatment Methods May Vary

There are several ways that medical professionals can use hypnosis for pain management. One method is to hypnotize a person once or twice a week to decrease their pain for that day and for a few afterward. However, self-hypnosis is a technique that many specialists will teach. Self-hypnosis is useful because it allows the cancer patient to manage their pain when they need it.

Even if a person isn't quite as good at hypnosis when compared to their medical professional, it can still be useful. For example, studies have shown that pairing hypnosis with other types of treatments can significantly decrease the intensity of a person's pain level. Understanding how to place yourself in this state can help lower your pain.

While hypnosis cannot be considered a singular treatment for cancer, it can work with other care methods to decrease your pain level. This can help you get through your treatments more effectively and maintain a more positive mental attitude towards your treatment.

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