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Swollen Foot Issues, What Causes Them, And Why You Need A Doctor Right Away

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There are some of the typical causes for a swollen foot; you broke it, you twisted an ankle, etc.. Then there are the seemingly inexplicable cases where your foot is just swollen, and just that foot is swollen. Worse still, other bizarre things can occur along with the swollen foot. All of the following are bizarre swollen foot cases, what causes them, and why you are going to need a general physician or podiatrist immediately.

Your Foot Is So Swollen That You Can Literally Push the Fluid Around under the Skin

This particular kind of "fat foot" is really scary. Your foot is so swollen from fluid under the skin that you can massage the foot and push the fluid around your foot in the process. You can even push the fluid into your toes, making them swell up more as well. It is as though the skin is the only thing preventing your edema from bursting through the skin all over your floor.

This could just be a case of not enough exercise, too much salty food, or sitting all day long at a desk. It could also be kidney or heart failure. First, make an appointment with a doctor. Then get moving around, cut out the fast food and soda (which have HIGH sodium content), and try getting up from your desk for a brisk walk every hour. If the "fat foot" goes away, note that and relay it to your doctor. If it does not, be sure to tell the doctor/podiatrist that as well.

Your Swollen Foot Feels Like It Will Burst, and It Does

Perhaps even more bizarre and terrifying is when the skin on your swollen foot feels like it will burst open, and then it actually does. The integrity of your skin could not handle the excess fluid underneath another minute, so it ripped open a bit to relieve the pressure. The trouble is, now you have an open wound. An emergency room visit is in your immediate future to prevent any other problems from erupting.

Veins Close to the Surface of the Skin Rupture and Bleed

In this case, you have lots of blood vessels near the surface of the skin in your heel, ankle, and foot. Your heart is not pumping enough blood fast enough through the body, and it pools in the blood vessels of your foot. When they burst through the skin, they were already weakened, and the bursting was inevitable. The real trouble, however, is that you could have other vessels in your body doing the same thing, including in your brain. Your funky foot issue is just the tip of the iceberg.

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