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Preparations To Make For Your Breast Reconstructive Surgery

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Breast reconstruction is something you may want to have done after having a mastectomy or after having a lump removal surgery. If you are planning on having breast reconstruction there are a few things you should know before you have your surgery. Read on for preparations you should make ahead of time.

Have a Caregiver In Place

You'll want to have help after your surgery, as your movement may be limited. Be sure you have someone at your house to help you after your surgery doing even the most basic of things. Someone to help you with cooking, cleaning, possibly even bathing. If you have kids, you'll want someone to help you with your children as well. You may not be able to drive for awhile after your surgery, so you'll need some help getting the kids to and from school, or to help you with errands. You'll also need someone to drive you home from the hospital after your surgery.

Pack Your Hospital Bag

Your surgery may require you to be in the hospital for a day or longer, so have a bag packed with some essentials such as toiletries, pajamas, slippers, comfortable socks, toothbrush and toothpaste, and other essentials, including books, puzzles, your cell phone or tablet, and chargers. Be sure to pack a pillow from home to make your stay more comfortable, and to use on the ride home from the hospital. The pillow can help prevent the seat-belt in the car from hurting your chest after surgery.

Fill All Prescriptions Beforehand

If you have prescriptions that need to be filled after your surgery, have your prescriptions filled before you even go in for your surgery. This is one less thing you'll need to do after the surgery and you'll have them at your home already.

Follow Your Surgeon's Instructions

Follow your surgeon's instructions for the night before your surgery. If you aren't supposed to eat or drink anything the night before, follow these instructions. Also be sure not to shower the morning of, and don't use any deodorant, powder products, lotions or perfumes the day of your surgery. 

Get Plenty Of Rest

Get enough rest the night before your surgery. You're going to be nervous before your surgery, but try your best to get enough sleep. It's going to be a big day and you're going to need rest in order to recover. Get to bed early the night before your surgery. 

If you are going to be going in for breast reconstructive surgery, listen to your cosmetic surgeon's instructions and make preparations beforehand to make recovery after your surgery easier on you.