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Make The Most Of Your Assisted Living Facility Apartment

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Assisted living is a way for you to maintain your independence while getting the support you need from day-to-day. You will have a space that is separate from other residents, and care providers knock on your door before they enter using a key. You will have privacy from other residents, and you will have the ability to decorate your space to make it more comfortable. Many residents at an assisted living facility set up a living room area, creating a comfortable way to watch television or read. You may have a small kitchen area with a microwave and refrigerator, depending on the facility. You will get help with laundry, and have meals prepared for you daily so that you don't have to cook anymore.

Set Up a Small Kitchen Space

Although you will have meals supplied for you, there will be times that you simply feel like having some tea and a snack. In your kitchen area, have a coffee maker or teapot so that you can have warm drinks whenever you want. If it is allowed, have a toaster and microwave to make yourself snacks. While you don't have to prepare big meals, you can still have a space to make yourself a quick meal or snack.

Get Yourself Organized

Your assisted living facility apartment is likely smaller than the space you were living in before. When you want to bring a number of your belongings to your new apartment, it is going to help you tremendously to have enough storage space for your belongings. The more organized you are when you move in, the easier it is going to be to keep your space neat and clean.

Know What Help You Can Get

You have plenty of responsibility when you live in an assisted living facility. While staff may remove your trash and take care of your laundry, you will probably be the one washing your dishes and keeping your place picked up. If you are allowed to have a cat, you will be responsible for all of the cat's care needs. From hanging up pictures to helping you in the shower, know what staff is allowed to do and what you will have to do on your own.

When you live in an assisted living facility, you will no longer have to worry about basic needs such as meal preparation. You will have support from staff, and have people around to watch out for your safety while still maintaining your own living space.