Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: There is Hope

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4 Ways To Effectively Treat Periodontitis

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Being diagnosed with a gum disease is never a good thing. Your gums are the foundation of your teeth and should be healthy to ensure you can enjoy healthy teeth that will last a lifetime. However, if you are dealing with the advanced stage of gum disease known as periodontitis, you should seek immediate treatment. Knowing the variety of treatment options that are readily available to you can assist you in making the right choice. Read More»

How Bottles, Pacifiers, And Fingers May Damage Your Infant's Teeth

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One natural reflex that your child knows, even before they are born, is sucking. It is crucial to their development process, as it helps provide them comfort during the first couple of years when they need to soothe themselves. It is natural to be worried about how sucking on bottles, pacifiers, and fingers will damage their teeth as an infant. By understanding the truth to childhood sucking habits, it will let you know the dangers of it, and what you can do about it. Read More»

You're Not Alone: Learning How To Make Brushing Your Teeth An Automatic Daily Habit

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If you’re an adult who still has to put “brush teeth” on your to do list if you want to remember to do it, you’re not alone, believe it or not. As basic as this task seems, not everyone has it ingrained in their minds as an automatic habit, like putting on shoes before leaving for work. Rather than continually try to hide your to-do list, thinking that you’d be too embarrassed to have other people find it, use multiple tactics to get into the habit of brushing your teeth at specific times. Read More»